let's be not

10.31.2008 @ 9:29 PM♥


Aw. ako lang diay.

Weeewuuuu. If it's what the world wants, then I'd be really happy to accept it, even if it'll take my breath away. I know it'll be just a while, and it'll soon pass.

More conversations:

me: pareho gud talaga sila halos ng ugali.
kausap: slyt. pareho man sila funny.
me: mag-sige lang siguro iyan sila tawa pag mag-sama ba.
kausap: ma-imagine mo?
me: *imagines* then laughs. hala oo! katanga nila tingnan.
kausap: pareho din sila halos ng accent.haha
me: *imagines again* kung mag-usap sila in English, parang di sila pinoy :)) may ibang accent.
kausap: magkaintindihan kaya sila?
me: oo eh, pareho nga sila ng accent diba? ma-gets talaga nila ang each other.haha
kausap: hala ui, sana mag-meet sila in the future.
me: gusto pud nako sila mag-meet, hmmm..pano kaya noh? ay wait, na-meet na man nung isa ung isa, dili lang lagi siya ka-relate that time.
kausap: dapat mag-meet gyud sila.haha
me: i-invyt ko na lang sila mag-laag, sabay! haha
kausap: tas iwan mo.
me: ay, di ko sila makita mag-mukhang tanga.
kausap: eh, i-stalk mo na lang! haha:))

minutes later...

me: sino ba mas macho?
kausap: ewan, pareho man silang payat.
me: ka-height pud sila.haha
kausap: feeling ko ung isa.
me: ako din.

waaa.stupid life.haha

after almost 2 years...

1:09 PM♥

we meet again! weeeee.:D

RJ and July. Since, uhm, who cares?haha:D

if love was enough

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“If love was enough, I’d still be here for you,” quoted from a girl patient in Grey’s Anatomy Season 2.

The other night, I was able to watch “One More Chance” in Cinema One, and after almost two years of having being able to go through the break-up thing, this is probably the first time and the only time that I’ll be ever to talk about it and also talk about the heartaches I had gone through when I was younger.

As far as I could remember, the first ever moment that I cried over for a guy was when I was still in the 6th grade. I was too young and innocent then, and I really didn’t care. Anyway, I had this huge crush on a guy. I have been crushing him since I was still in grade 5 and it carried off until grade 6. Then there was this bomb threat incident while I was in the 6th grade and after the said threat, I heard that his father would be transferring their entire family into a new school and new place and I did really cry really really hard just because of that issue. Okay, I was really stupid, but I can’t help it, I thought that I was just really in love with him. I even created a poem about him and the school newspaper even published it for the entire school to read! Silly me!

Next, second year high school (a little bit more mature me this time). I had this classmate in first year high school and mind to tell you, while we were still in our first year, we were terribly great enemies! We’d swear that we hated each other to death. But then a year later, it came out that we were one of the subsets of the saying “the more you hate, the more you love.” Honestly speaking, he was the first guy in my life who made me feel like a princess. I felt that I was the most beautiful person in the world (he was really poetic, if you don’t mind me telling – I felt that I was serenaded and courted by Romeo), I felt that I was really cared for, I felt that I was really loved – for the first time, I felt really loved by a guy whom I really like. But it came out that he was a ‘torpe’ guy, so we ended up to be in the ‘MU’ state for months!

Then there it went by, from August to December, we thought and we felt that we were really happy. January came, I became too busy with Shield that I have no more time to be with him. We can’t talk anymore over the phone for he was having his asthma attacks thus he’s not allowed to talk much, it might trigger his sickness. But even though I was really busy, I haven’t forgotten about him and my love and affection for him.

March came, I sensed that there was something going on between him and her best girl friend, but I really didn’t care coz I believed that he still likes me. Then one night, as I was walking home from my Shield work, I was able to spot the two of them in the middle of the soccer field, cozying each other up and DAMN, it really pissed me off. Again, I cried my whole soul out. I felt that my heart was really burning hard that anytime, it could just fall off out of my body. As I reached home, I just cried and cried in my room. Good thing that the next day was an Ash Wednesday, so I was able to extend my crying moments in my room and then the rest of my Wednesday afternoon was spent playing Starcraft on the PC. After that incident, I never talked about us again. People tried to talk me out about it, but I was damn too stiff to give in. Also, after that event, I became a man-hater, I haven’t fell in love nor fell affection with other guys around.

College. I don’t want to talk about the guy much (I know most of you knows about this) so I’ll just go to the heartache point. Anyway, after about two or three years after being broken, I again rose up and had fallen for the trap of love. This time, the pain that I felt from way back in 2nd year high school was much more strong and worse. It was as if that I didn’t want to wake up and see the light of sun again (char, emo!). Good thing Ian de Castro was really great enough to support me and give his sympathies to whatever I am feeling. He was really very patient to look after me even though I am not acting really human anymore. Also, with his help, I began to smile again in just a few weeks after the break-up.

This heartache event did really bring a lot of drastic changes in my life. It all begun when I felt that all my block mates hated me for whatever reason they had (that I guess I know but I won’t really care to elaborate it here). I haven’t been able to be with them for weeks (or I guess months) because of this. But still, there were those who were good enough to approach me (but only when no other block mate was watching nearby) thus even in just a few moments, I did feel that I had friends. Then, when I thought that I couldn’t handle this situation anymore, I woke up one day, went to my adviser and said, “Mam, mag-shishift po ako to BS Bio, mag-peprereg pa rin ba ako for next sem?” I also noticed that I shook the entire faculty room of DMPCS with my sudden decision, all heads were suddenly turned into my direction. A few weeks later, I bet Doc Navs already heard the news, and when he saw me after hearing it, he couldn’t help but scream right into my face about the decision that I thought about and what was more sad, I couldn’t answer his question because honestly, I do not have any VALID reason to explain.

Again, it took me months to recover from this heartache and I really did not want to go back. I just want to be a man-hater forever. But there’s one thing that I realized and that is, these experiences had shaped me into a better person, a better human being. After all these, I became more mature, I know how to be responsible with my own actions, I learned on how to assess situations properly, and to know when a thing is right or wrong. I also learned when to give out my trust to a person. Generally, I learned a lot of things about life that you won’t be able to learn in the four walls of the classroom. But amidst all, there’s only one thing that I haven’t learned right: giving out my heart to the right prince.

But if life wanted me to build my character, and through broken hearts and broken promises would be the best way to do so, then I’d be glad to take the challenge. I have lived through three heartaches already and I know, if I did it three times before, I could do it again, and come up as a better person after everything. I just hope that when the time comes that my heart has finally found its proper place, my love for my partner would hold nothing back due to the miseries experienced way before, and that my love would still be pure and true, to him and only to him.

reminisce: freshment nyt 06

10.28.2008 @ 11:21 PM♥

I just had a conversation with a friend about the freshmen night cancellation. I told him that I was excited pa naman to see the freshmen night as an audience and not as an iska nor a production staff of the said event; and then due to a stupid complaint, the freshmen night was cancelled! Grrrrr!

As I was trying to reconstruct the things that needed to be fixed around the net, I came across with some of the night's photos. And, here they are:

I. First up: Me and My Isko Representing BS Applied Mathematics:

hi I'm July...

and I'm Jan-Jan!

and we're from, BS Applied Mathematics, and we make simple things, complicated.

II. The NIGHT itself:
[it's no fun walking around with the equations' on you.LITERALLY. haha
sadly, I don't have Jan2x's wear-your-course outfit, he was just too far from the camera]

sports wear. [sports: golf]

Girls' sportswear

[Jan, am I really 'that' heavy?]

Formal Wear
[hayun o! may rose! haha. Trivia: I didn't know that there was a rose for the girls, I was just shocked when I went to mee Jan2x on stage, he suddenly gave me a rose, and while the spotlight weren't on us, I told him: "may rose pala?" and he just smiled...]

Question and Answer Portion [Hate this Part!]
[and don't ask why!]

I think you could click the photos for a little bit larger view. Weeeeee.


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Go to urbandictionary.com and type in the answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition that it gives you.

[1] Your name:

A.)Traditional; Feminine form of Daniel, meaning 'Judged only by GOD.'

B.) Intense, firey female Possessing ability to affect person, place, and immediate surrounding environment. Frequently manifesting such conflicting extremes that the outcome is typically one of lucidity or confusion. The conflict(s) can occur consecutively, concurrent or separate. Other characteristics of Danielle are; abundance of curly locks of hair (red?), kalidescope eyes, descernible voice capable of pitch, tone and volume that cracks Ice, shatters glass, and renders those in ear-shot stunned for moments, Buckcherry released a song about Danielle titled "CRAZY BITCH" in 2006, Danielle is synonymous with Tardy i;e, NEVER EVER, ever on time generally DST (Danielle Standard Time) run's within a 3 hour conversion ( due at 2 pm will not arrive prior to 2:30 PM but usually by 5PM or somewhere in between)

'DANIELLE' your mostfearless, strong and loyal friend for life, or your most feared, relentless mortal enemy.

a girl who talks too much but also very hottt!

A French variation of Mary. Also, the name for that irresistibly mysterious girl whom you see around often, yet know nothing about.

[2] Your age:

To "be 19", or to have "gone 19" essentially means that something has gone wrong, is just plain weird, or is inexplicable. Derived from Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' series. Its true meaning, if anything more than a motif, has yet to be revealed.

[3] One of your friends:

1. Explicit lesbian relationships in anime or manga
2.To be the first to do something. Derived from Yuri Gagarin, first human in space.

[4] What should you be doing?

Actually means "something," but is used when you don't feel like explaining.

[5] Your favorite color:

yes... it is most definitely referring to the marijuana... and also, upon occassion, any substance with similar uses. too, properly, of course, it is a golfing term, but that's really not very much fun, now is it?

[6] Your birthplace:

Digos (pero dili siya defined) so Davao na lang.haha:D
davao is a major city in the mindanao island in the philippines. considered the biggest city (in terms of land area) in the world. davao bost of its seafood delicacies, and nature parks. davao is the home of the endangered species of the philippine eagle-- happens to be the biggest specie of eagles in the world. mt. apo, is also located in davao the highest peak in the philippines.

[7] Last person you talked to:

The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.
Just telling her your problems makes you feel better because mom's always know how to make it all go away.

[8] Last thing you had to drink:

The 4th element required to summon Captain Planet


[9] Your nickname:

A month when mostly the hottest girls are born

[11] What day is it today?

Like the other guy said, the worst day (I promise!) of the week. Why is tuesday always bad? It's right in the middle of the week. Your not getting ready for the weekend. Your not all rested up from the weekend like you would be on monday. In fact, since monday sucked all the life out of people, the people your left with are nothing pleasant.

meant to be?

10.24.2008 @ 7:07 PM♥

One night in G-mall:

Neil: hala July, kamukha natin ung model sa poster!
Neil: Yan oh, sa Guerilla Film-Making!
hala oo! parang kayo! same ng shape ng head ni Neil at ung hair ni July, same. Hala. Lingaw. :)
Well, meant siguro tayo sa mga movies2x.
July: *nalingaw lang gihapon*

[In High Schol kasi, Neil and I were known to be one of the photographers for the school yearbook. Then we made some movies din, two different movies: one from my batch and one from theirs. From then on, we found photography and videography to be a hobby and interest, tas feeler pud mi kaayo kay ana si Sir Chiaw na naa daw mi talent. Haha. Pero seriously, lingaw mag-picture2x, marami kang fans.haha:) People would keep on calling your attention! haha! "Uuuuyyyyyy! Shield! Shield!" haha:) *sa maka-relate na lang* hehe:]

Weee. Anyway, I found a copy of the poster posted in UP Mindanao, and here it is:

and for the rest, you judge kung kamukha ba talaga namin ni Neil. And one more thing, we couldn't figure out on who the other looks like.haha:D

stupid shiny volvo owner

10.23.2008 @ 8:44 PM♥

I was wonderin'...

A part of me wants him.

A part of me says that I should not want him.

But all in all, it simply says that I want him.

I just can't get over the fact that I do want him.

Thinking about this stuff makes me really hungry, so I feasted on some of Twilight's still movie photos (and I've found new ones too!). Here you go guys: feast your eyes too:

behind the cam? I guess...

Rosalie.. she's really a beauty...

house of Bella? another guess.haha

Edward on PIANO! cool:)

from the illustrated magazine companion of twilight

prom night

the Cullens (@ canteen)

Carlisle and Edward

photo op


edward & bella with jacob, james and victoria

edward, bella & apple

he doesn't really SHINE, does he? instead, he GLOWS!

on Piano again...

Edward, Alice and Jasper

Edward and Bella

Emmet, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper

Edward, Charlie and Bella

Edward and Bella

shucks.ka-gwapo ui.tsk tsk.haha

in the volvo:)

bella and edward

alice and jasper

up on a tree? with an excurrent type of growth.haha

so white...

@ school

then I ended up drooling over Edward. He is really a BEAUTIFUL guy.

But again, the thoughts of me wanting him is haunting me again.

I'm dead.


10.22.2008 @ 3:17 PM♥

it's 4 in the morning, and we all couldn't sleep

It started all because of ROH.

It sucks.

I can't stand watching Elijah being sad what more to see him cry? I've observed this through the course of my existence with him. When I see him happy, I'm happy too. If he laughs, I also laugh (actually, its his laugh that is contagious). So whatever he feels, I feel it TWICE! So kung feel niya na love niya ako, hello?! mas love ko kaya siya! -- haha! quoted from some text message read ages ago?

Anyway, that was it. When I saw tears running down from his eyes, my subconscious told me that I was already crying. How worse could this thing get?

Oh. I love Elijah. He's been more than a friend to me, more of like a BROTHER.

That was it. ROH can really do wonders! Before, I wondered how it feels to be drunk, I mean, REALLY DRUNK. I wanted to know the feeling of a hang-over. So, Elijah and I had this plan of doing such and here are some of the things I realized:

these are just colas.

1. If you don't want to get drunk, don't drink every 2 minutes, it'll lax your muscles. Try drinking a shot between ten minutes (at least) just enough to diffuse the ROH in your system.

2. ROH makes you DIZZY and won't put you to sleep.

3. Experiencing the 3-frames-per-second phenomenon gives you a headache. You'd end up wondering if things are still running coherently.

4. You can't stand well and walk on a straight line (because your DIZZY). Now that solves the puzzle.

5. On hang-overs: DAMN, it'll really make you want to vomit because of the freakin' headache you've got. You might have gotten you're headache from last night's dizziness (ooh, another puzzle solved!)

now, this is the real thing.

What I learned from myself:
1. When I'm drunk, I can still control myself, my emotions and my tongue.
2. I am aware that I am drunk.
3. I am aware that I'm still awake.
4. I can't sleep well when I am intoxicated still, but my head just keeps on spinning.
5. I can't solve the rubik's cube. I just got pass through the first layer then that's it.
6. How weird of me, but I was still able to recite the limits theorem while I was drunk (now Limits Theorem, where in the hell did you come from?).
7. I even sent Mon a message which shows the formula for the Riemann-Zeta function (I've read this somewhere and I just couldn't figure out how did this formula got in my head).
8. When I woke up in the morning, every tree and plant I saw was identified by my head through their scientific names, I couldn't figure out which common name was for each plant.

Really. It's weird. Maybe ROH had been playing with my brain nerves. It might have jumbled the respective contents of my two cerebral hemispheres.


- Aurelia

a cute VOW

10.20.2008 @ 7:14 AM♥

Please take this risk with me. I don't know what will happen to us, and I certainly cannot promise you that I will not make you cry, or make you so mad at me at times that you would just want to kill me right then and there. All that I can promise you is that I am sticking with you no matter how many times and how hard you drive me away because I love you, you've always been the one who has my heart and you will always have it and I'd rather have you throw it away or burn it than give it back to me. There is no one else in this world I want to come home to but you and I am hoping that you want to come home to me too.


10.17.2008 @ 6:49 PM♥

I drink occasionally, which means in my vocabulary, I only drink whenever the occasion is suitable for drinking: parties, reunions, get togethers, moments when parents aren't looking or those times when a friend needs a company. Oh, I guess those were too many already. Anyway, I may drink but I could still control myself (controlling for means not being able to develop a bear-belly coz that just sucks). I don't get drunk easily (thank God I really don't). I'd still be able to walk on a proper posture even after been drinking five shot glasses already. I've never felt the slow-motion thing when you're drunk (I don't even know what that means so I really I couldn't elaborate much more on that). I've never vomitted my internal organs. I've never gotten a hang-over. Then, how'd you know if I'm already drunk and when to stop me? Easy. Check me if I have been volumized more than the normal. I usually end up laughing too much. Do some crazy stuffs (later you'll know what I mean) and talking really loud.

Last Thursday, Kyle and Aidz brought up drinks during the party. When everyone else were in the pool, me with Lyle, Mikko, Aidz, Mark, Ralph and Kyle started to play up with the drinks. Mikko stated,

“mag-drink na lang tayo, tas kung malasing tayo kainin natin iyong mango float, so may reason tayo kung bakit natin nakain ang mango float at di sila magalit sa atin kay lasing man tayo,”
seriously, Mikko has a point. Anyway, we started drinking. We drank two different types of alcoholic drinks at the same time (which is really a big NO NO when drinking).

Anyway 3 shots later, most of us were already a little bit HAPPY with ourselves. We started yanking the mango float top layer. The cake's side icing where already messed up. We were laughing really hard even if there wasn't really funny to talk about. We ended up talking on going up the rock wall and take the shots there and find the yellow-colored snake and try using the mango float as a bait. Anyway, we came to our consciousness and realized that we did really murder the top layer of the mango float, so to cover it up, we place just a teeny bit of the icing on the mango float and arranged it carefully so that it would look like it just blended it. Oooops. Sorry guys.

Then we realized, we were really drunk, so we decided to just move on, go to the other guys by the pool side and had fun!

every part of me

10.15.2008 @ 11:00 PM♥


New moon's great. It's better.
I love the lines, their just so EMO.

I'm still on the 10th chapter though, out of the 24 chapters out there.
Can't wait for it to end.

Anyway, I've been bumming my life here at home. Did nothing but to sleep for 12 freakin' hours and then wake up, do something weird or stupid, eat, surf the net, watch tv to realize 4 hours later that I have again fallen asleep.

New moon's plot had been raging into my nerves lately. I almsot cried (can't explain the reason why.haha) plus, more things to cry upon. It was just early this evening when I realized that there are things which are going to happen - things that will surely make me cry.

I told them, "ay, sayang walang thrill," and the f*ck! the thrill I've been waiting for arrived out of nowhere and the hell, it did sink in tonight, and it gave me a teary-eye. I can't be too obsessed, but I am that's why I cried.

I have to control my self from now on. Accept whatever was and will be happening. I need to live in a new world, the physical world and not the world that I have created in my mind.

side a

10.12.2008 @ 11:02 PM♥

Again, I was mesmerized by the lyrics of this song:

Don't say you love me unless forever
Don't tell me you need me, if you're not gonna stay
Don't give me this feeling, I'll only believe it
Make it real or take it all away

Ano ba?! I get so irritated na! Waaaaa!

songs and lyrics

8:11 PM♥

New songs... new playlists... new life(?)

Good thing I have easily given up with those Jonas Brothers songs.  Their songs were just too way freaking me out already.  I like to sing them but singing them and HEARING them over and over again makes me want to faint.  No offense though for those who are Jonas Brothers fanatics.  PEACE!

Anyway, here are some lyrics of the songs:

It's something unpredictable, but in the end its right
I hope you had the time of your life

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know your unlike any other
You'll always be my thunder

You can run you can hide
but you can't escape my love

Sunny days
Where have you gone?
I get the strangest the feeling you belong
Why does it always rain on me?

What kind of man that you are
If you're a man at all
Well I figure this one out on my own
(I'm screaming I love you
on my own
My thoughts you can't decode)

Let me light up the sky
Light it up for you
Let me tell you why
I would die for you

Now I think we're taking this too far
Don't you know that it's not this hard?
Well it's not this hard
But if you take what's your and I take min
Must we go there?
Please not this time. No, not this time.

A couple of LSS times baybeh.  Can't help it, these songs just relaxes my soul.


10.05.2008 @ 12:03 PM♥

I'll try to write this thing in the most creative, secretive and unrevealing manner as I can.

Sabado ng hapon nang kami ay napagod sa pamimingwit ng mangga sa puno dun sa pamamahay nila Neil, napag-usapan namin ang mga mumunting bagay sa mundo na maaring may mga iba't-ibang kahulugan.

Isang konklusyon ang aking naisip.  "Baka bading siya?"

At matapos nun, sunud-sunod na ang mga pangyayaring maaring sumuporta sa aking mga nabanggit na kataga.  Iilan na dito ay ang mga taong nakapalibot sa kanya.  Ang mga pa-simple niyang pag-hanga sa kapwa lalake ay nahahalata rin.  Pasigaw-sigaw dito, patili-tili riyan tuwing lalabas ang mga lalakeng pinaka-hinahangaan ng maraming babae.  

Kung sino siya, kayo na ang bahalang humusga. :P

thank GOD

10.03.2008 @ 9:26 PM♥

This happened before.  Remember BIO 3, plant portion?  I flunked the first exam for the plant part. And when  I mean flunked, it meant REALLY FLUNKED.  Forty-two percent, and for me, that's really something to dive on.  Since then, I promised myself to do my very BEST on the 2nd long examination for the BIO 3 plant part and guess what?  80+ something percent got me in the way. Yahoo! I spent an entire night studying for it, slept at some minutes past three in the morning just to get everything in my head and finally, all the things that crappy night took me were all worth it.

And again, I can't believe it happened once more.  The culprit: Organic Chemistry both lecture and laboratoy courses.  I was really worried when I saw my class standing to be hanging on a 60+ something only and with this grade, I couldn't afford to fail another exam.  And same thing happened.  I slept around 3 in the morning just trying to analyze organic chemistry and then took the exam at around 8:30 that morning.  Right after the exam, I started studying for the Qualitative Analysis, finding the identity of the unknown compound. 

Then BOOM! Good news came running around the place! Yay!

I went out to get myself some paper for my unknown thing results.  And oh, by the way, I got my unknown right while attempting the second guess. Yay! And the hell, it was BENZAMIDE!:D
Anyway, I went out, then I saw Neil and Maria lurking outside Sir Alex's room.  They caught my attention and told me that the 3rd long exam results are now available and out of bravery, I zoomed-in into Sir Alex's office, took my bluebook and he said, "third."  And I was like, "huh? anong third?" and Neil clarified it from behind "third ka," and Sir Alex nodded. HUWAAAAT!? That's really cool. Yay:D  This is the first time in organic chemistry that I got into the top 3 scorers.  (Maybe this was the reason why Sir Jong was congratulating me for when he was visiting our practical exam blues).

And oh, it was such a cool thing to hear.  All the happiness in just a moment.  And of course, I send all my thanks to the Heavenly Father, whom I owe these gloriousness for. THANKS SO MUCH.:D

To God be the Glory!

freaky h'scope

10.02.2008 @ 7:00 PM♥

October 2, 2008 - Thursday.

What we did? Review the questions after the 3rd long exam of BOT 3.  Took an exam for MCB 1 and cooked and ate Tempeh (soybeans coated with Rhizopus oligosporus fungi) in the lab.

Afternoon.  Went to SM City Davao to accompany Neil in his shirt-buying thing.  Went to Neil's house and studied for CHEM 31.  And of course, we did study and we realized that we have to incorporate previous types of reactions for the synthesis and reactions of other compounds but as Neil turned on the television, we all had an our watching at the whateverish things we could see there.

Later on, Neil pointed at the unripe mangos on the mango tree and later on, we decided to have some for ourselves.  We took a very long stick (about 4 to 5 meters long) and tried to hit it on one of the mangos hanging from up above.  On the other hand, Yuri was busy trying to climb up the huge tree.  Luckily, there were those carpenters from the other side of the neighborhood who were kind enough to get the mangos for us. Yay!  So we spent the later half of our afternoon eating the uber sour unripe green mangos.

Before going home, we went to NCCC Mall to buy some things.  I got home around seven in the evening, checked some of my online accounts and looked what I got from my friendster's horoscope:

The Bottom Line

It's a better time to play and party than it is to study and focus. Go loosen up!

In Detail

It's a better time to play and party than it is to study and focus. It's not necessarily that you aren't capable of getting serious right now, it's just that there are going to be way too many fun social things going on! You can try to resist the call to good times, but you probably won't make it past the afternoon before you've got to give in and have fun! You can get the rest of your work done tomorrow. You deserve a chance to loosen up!

Perfect! Is this a SIGN that I'm gonna fail CHEM 31?! I HOPE NOT! T_T


10.01.2008 @ 7:55 PM♥

I'm trying to be discrete here for goodness's sake!

Patience - according to some text message, it's the measure of some concept that would consider you to be one hell of a professional on that matter.  

If patience really is the measure, then maybe, we already have come to our senses.  Three tries and three positive results would mean a a greater chance of the phenomenon to be true in most cases.

I think I just lost mine.  That's the second count already.  I'm waiting for one more.  Just one more.

I feel sorry for you having to lose it but you just gave me a perfect reason to let go and that pissed me off real hard.
July C.
UP Biology Student
soon to be a doctor
happy in ♥

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