11.27.2008 @ 10:35 PM♥

i created a blog post on how stupid things was...

i got bored of what I wrote, so I deleted the entire thing.

Now, I'm left with this crappy blog post that makes no really sense.

better as it is...

11.26.2008 @ 4:29 PM♥

People see us almost everyday. And the 'almost' everyday that people us, we are together. We came from different walks of life but yet, we seem to have reached a common point which diverged all our personalities which created a buffered solution.

When we had the feeling that our company was established, I had once thought that by being with them for every moment of my life might create a stronger feeling with one of them - a feeling that could overcome friendship. A feeling called LOVE.

But, how come? How come that after months of being with them, not one single moment of my existence did I begin to feel something for one of them? I too am wondering why this is so. Maybe, people too are wondering. I guess people had been already hypothesizing (or will be hypothesizing) that I am already in love with one of them.

Each one of them has different personalities that makes them truly likable and lovable. Each one of them could easily strike a woman's heart when they are able to strike it. Each one of them has this capability of letting a woman fall for them head-over-heals.

You asking me? I find them likable and lovable. They have touched my heart consciously, unconsciously and even subconsciously. I feel in love to them as a great friend and nothing more than that.

Let's take specimen number one. Everyone sees him as highly intelligible. His choices of words that he utters as he speaks could take you away from the middle-classed world. He is more attractive when he is in serious mode. This man is like a rich, snobby Korean TV series character that even he is in his most drastic mood, he still is really appreciable. He is often misunderstood by those people who haven't mingled with him but deep inside, he is a real CHILD AT HEART - a child who knows what fun is, a child who knows how to be cool despite the chaotic scenario and a child who deserves someone's care and love.

Specimen number two: one look and he's got you. He has the looks, the eyes, the STARE. He has already melted the hearts of many girls whom he passes by along the corridors. Also, he is a child at heart who also knows when to have fun. The best thing about him is that he is being real towards whatever he feels. When he's happy, he shows it by striking a gorgeous smile and giving everyone a tinge of excitement that he feels. When he's sad, he remains quiet, quiet enough not to bother other people who don't deserve to be bothered. When he's sleepy, he does sleeps, no questions asked.

Number three: As his towering height implies (that is towering for me, of course) he stands out to all the things that he does. Brave, courageous and humble person as most of the peers around him sees him. He's been a big brother to his friends but still remains as the not snobbish and friendly person as he can be. His highly spiritual self allows him to control his emotions. He certainly controls it very much in order to refrain from conflicts from arising. A lot of girls find him really attractive especially when he is in a little bit serious and 'gentlemanly' mood. Also, when he's up to it, his moves leave girls shaking and wanting for more.

The fourth specimen is somewhat different from the first three mentioned. When the above guys were CHILDREN at HEART, this one is really a CHILD. People see him as someone who could always laugh really hard at slightest funny thing that's why they love having him around. He could allow that day to pass by just laughing, smiling or looking really innocent most of the time that by just looking at him, you won't have any reasons of why you should get mad at him. But these things that people see him is only the shallow part of him. He has a lot of deeper personalities to share once you get to know him more. This is the best thing about him because every time you get to spend time with him, new exciting things about him is being discovered and the summation with all of these will give you a conclusion that beyond the childish things he projects is a real man with a truly romantic heart.

Lastly, my fifth specimen. First look, he is 'maldito'. I have been receiving this type of comment every time people who doesn't know him much comes across his name. But coming across his name is not enough, you do have to know him much much more because the 'maldito' expression needs to be erased. I found him really fun to be with, no boring moments with him, trust me. However being with him in your life's funniest moments might think that he could do nothing better but just make you laugh and crack jokes most of the time but being a friend of him for a year now made me realize that he is a highly good candidate for being a perfect man. But from what I've heard from him, he'd want to incorporate a lover in his life when he has all the time for his girl and that is when he finishes studying and when he's already stable with his life. Whoever this young man chooses to give his heart, then that girl is truly very lucky that even at this point of my life, I'm already envious of who that girl is.

This is it, this is them. They truly have great personalities. They truly are very likable and lovable. But I assure you we all are friends, GREAT friends. If you like one of them, GO and like them, I really don't care. Haha:)


11.20.2008 @ 5:15 AM♥

Since people get tired of listening to my rants (haha, I KNOW), some people simply couldn't relate to me and while some people just can't keep their words (haha! :P), I decided to post this whatever-ness here in this blog (I don't even care who gets to read this, you won't understand it anyway, haha!) For the past few days, I realized that I am the only one who could understand myself BEST, and no other person else. So whatever I feel right now, well its best to talk it out myself first! :P

Well, this is simply IT! Before, I got used to the phenomenon that when people talk something about me behind my back, I simply DID NOT CARE coz I always thought "WHY SHOULD I BE BOTHERED BY THE THINGS THAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT ME???" And since then, I never cared. But this time, it really caught my attention because this "thing" a certain person thinks about me is REALLY UNINTELLIGIBLE. I don't know where he/she gets his/her logic else, does he/she have a fully-functional logical brain at all.

Can't you get it? Even if how many times that you explain to me that all I've been thinking about you thinking it about me wasn't true, just THINK MORE. Just really really really THINK MORE, MORE and MORE, maybe you'll be able to think on why I have thought of that in the first place. Oh, crap! I haven't told you yet? You are no good at all at hiding your own feelings, no goot at all...

tsk tsk tsk

Furthermore, I have quite a few persons in mind whom I'm getting to hate so much:
- those who are pretentious
- those who can't keep their words
- those who feel that they could conquer the world by talking

I might be one (or more) of the types I've mention above, but I don't really care because I'd rather hate my self at the very highest level than to hold a grudge on other person's crap. I'm sorry, I just can't help it because it's you yourself that's making me feel MAD about you, so blame yourself if you're being intimidated with what I have coz after all, it just begun with YOU>


11.11.2008 @ 7:55 PM♥

i still am seeing things. visions of you, i cannot erase. when will you ever let me sleep? please, let me sleep, it's the only time that i get to see you clearly and it's the only time that i can keep you near. please, let me sleep...

emo-ness again. haha

i'm tired. i just memorized the structures of 20 different amino acids. good thing we haven't had a quiz last friday (kasi nakalimutan kong mag-memorize, nakatulog ako.haha)

oooh. what a life. let's just laugh and laugh forever. i want to die laughing. please?

11.10.2008 @ 1:36 PM♥

"am i seducing or being seduced?"
-weeee.i love this line, forever and ever. haha:P

still, you remain as a mystery. a great, great mystery. when will i ever know who you are? when will i ever see your face? when will i be able to meet the real you? really, you are a mystery. if only i know how to solve one so that you'd be reveal to me, soon.

i will

11.04.2008 @ 8:45 PM♥

I'll be okay.

I'll try to be okay.

I told you I am fine. I will be fine. I'll try my best too look fine.

Sigh. Why is this happening? Will you make me understand?


11.01.2008 @ 9:38 PM♥

The "DINNER WITH THE KING" invite became more than just an invitation to me by Kuya Rio. It was around one in the afternoon when he called me (as in tawag na jud, dili na text) and said that he wanted me to be in the PLTI-Mindanao later that night. I didn't promise him anything but I promised him that I'll try to convince my parents to allow me to come. Anyway, I had to convince my mom and dad for almost five minutes and finally, they gave in! Yay! I immediately texted Kuya Rio that I could finally come to Hope Mountain that night.

All I thought that we just had to go there, eat and have dinner with the King but it turned out that I was able to be of service to some delegates than just going there and eat. Upon my arrival, Kuya Rio led me to one of the girls' room and he left me with Mizpah and Clay2x then, the next thing I knew was that I was helping Mizpah and Clay2x finding their proper dresses for the event, helping them out with their hair and make-up. Then upon going out of the room, I led them to the court and lend them my umbrella, and later on, my umbrella was in its full use-transporting one person from one area to another. Oh, I forgot to tell you that they were in their Sunday's Best outfit so they really had to take care of what they wear.

Anyhow, that's it. I was really happy to see them looking so relieved as if I came to them as a salvation from the miseries that they were previously feeling.

Also, thank you for Jared (my July 2) and Ian for walking me home after the event. All three of us soaked ourselves under the rain for about ten to fifteen minutes, and so were our feet. Haha. Guys, really, thank you so much! Till our next meeting! Ciao! :)

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