4 years later :)

12.31.2009 @ 11:38 AM♥

Look who I found at SM City Davao yesterday (December 30, 2009)!!!

I've been missing him soooo much since the day he graduated but I never knew that I would stumble over him one of these days :D And yes, it has been over FOUR FREAKIN' YEARS since we last saw each other. Kaya naman super smiles kami when we saw and spoke to each other :D Weeeeee.

Why Shield 2005 Photographers? In Shield 2005, I was the ONLY Associate Editor (poor me) so my task was to be the assistant of every editor in all five departments (Art, Business, Comp/Text, Lay-out and Photo) plus, I also had to be the assistant of the Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor. In short, isa akong dakilang assistant! Anyway, among the 5 different departments, it was the Photo who really needs super help. Plus, Ian's staff are very rare. You'd be lucky to find one of them walking around *wink wink*. So, Ma'am Amy kept on asking for my help to assist Ian in his coverages and the like. And it ended up to the point that I was working for his department na lang. So there, we got very close and spent almost every afternoon together. He was like my 'kuya' and bestfriend at that time. So when he graduated, I was really saddened tas nag-AdMU pa jud siya. Tsk3. So so far away :(

Anyway, the point is, we saw each other yesterday and had a little chit-chat and that's very enough to complete my 2009.

So yes guys, LET'S CALL IT A YEAR :D


12.27.2009 @ 1:05 AM♥

It was never my intention to hurt anyone and yes girl, that includes you. I thought this issue was way over between the two of us. But now, you are putting it back on. And seriously, you scare the hell out of me every time I see you walking down the hallway.

And once again, you being hurt is not my fault. No guilts here. Swear. I gave you the chance. I let go. Then I hoped that he'd come to you and live happier in your presence. You were happy and the thought made me feel satisfied and happy.

But then again, it was mostly a lie. And again, no guilts here. I had nothing to do on how he feels about you (or me). And for the past month, I DID NOT CARE AT ALL. I was all happy and jolly and joyful with the people who made me feel happy and jolly and joyful. And I did great. And I was hoping you were doing great too. But no...

Two things:
1. I never took him away from you if he's the one who came to me and said that he misses me a lot.
2. Never ASSume again. Please. It's for your own sake. Try Bob Ong's quotes. It bull's-eyed you, right?

I think, under certain possibilities, I'm not the one who makes his heart skip a beat. But what I am certain, that it is not YOU. I'm really sorry.

"So, wala na talaga? XD" - I don't think we were destined to understand each other. Seriously. :|

monkey :|

12.22.2009 @ 9:08 PM♥

Joie, why have you given me a George? XD

Haha. Merry Christmas Friends! :D

human blood O.o

12.12.2009 @ 12:09 AM♥

Last Friday afternoon, for the sake of our laboratory experiment in MCB150, we had to collect about 54mL (more or less) of human blood (na-chaka kasi iyong sheep blood..anyway, don't ask :|)... So I had to find 5 people who have O as their blood type and are willing to donate 10-12 mL of their blood :) So I got me, neil, george, anj and aidz.

The blood extraction started around 1pm and I asked if I could go first because I had a class by 1:30. Since George wanted to come with me, he had to go second.

Anyway, there we were, walking along the corridor after the seminar ended. Kuya Weller and his friends saw us and were wondering why we have those small plaster things on our elbow joint:

Kuya Weller: *puzzled face* unsa na? na-unsa mo?

July: *smiles* nag-ano ka... (wasn't able to finish what I said kay nisingit si George)

George: nagpa-HIV test *big smile*

July: *shocked face* O.o

Kuya Weller: *shocked and puzzled face* ngano? nag-unsa diay mong duha???

July: (thinking) that didn't sound good.. O_o

And I think we never got to say the real reason to Kuya Weller and his friends..tsk3. George man gud ba.haha :D

free hugs :)

12.10.2009 @ 10:35 PM♥

I'm not here to fall in love, I'm here to have fun! :D

Deviance Day = Mafia Wars + Free HUGS (and more hugs) = SUPER FUN! :)

The FUN-ness is just enough to sustain me a whole night of studying and lab reporting :D

"I needed you to help me decide but it turned out that you became the decision."



"today, i got hurt *counts fingers* six times"

12.05.2009 @ 8:22 PM♥

So far in my existence as a Biology student, this has been the busiest semester ever! The lecture classes, even though they are only offered as a one-hour class per meeting, the lessons that were discussed would take ages to decipher and analyze :( Laboratory classes that go far beyond the class schedule. Lunch-less days. Free time spent by reading materials for PI 100 class. And nights being spent answering guide questions.

Seriously, I NEED A BREAK! It has only been 3 or 4 weeks but everything's a living HELL!

Okay, so here are some little updates:

My adviser told me to study for my upcoming NMAT instead of getting too pre-occupied with my thesis work because she has to use the laboratory for her research for a while. But as promised, I have to work on it after NMAT. Besides, I have to spend the entire Christmas vacation writing my manuscript because on January or so, I have to present my manuscript in a mock defense for the bio199b class which be held in Lorenzo Hall early next year.

It has really been a while since I attended the regular Thursday night fellowship and it was really good to be back and see my old friends again. There were a lot of new faces in the crowd and some of the second years and third years are becoming active with the org already so we won't have to worry about on who's going to manage the org once we graduate :) Last Thursday, they asked me to give out my testimonies and it really felt good to be able to say out the things that I wasn't able to blurt out for the past months :)


So far, this laboratory exercise in ZOO120 has been so far the highlight of my semester. I wasn't only able to learn the physiochemical reactions in our bodies but it also gave me life lessons as well :) In this class, it was my first time to make a cut through the human skin and my first patient was Aidz. It took me three tries to make the cut and after doing it successfully, I realized that the human skin is really THICK!

During the actual Blood Test Laboratory Exercise, me and my groupmates gathered enough strength to prick our own fingers by ourselves and I swear, it wasn't easy. After our first try (except for Ralph who never got the courage to do it himself), Mikko and I were like trembling and felt really cold afterwards. The pain was really throbbing and we kept on saying that we should do all the tests that needed our blood so that we no longer have to prick ourselves again. Unfortunately, we clot really fast and had to prick ourselves over and over again. Ralph got about a total of 4 or 5 pricks, I got 6 and Mikko, for the win, got a total of 8 :D

Now, for the *EMO* part, here are the things that I personally learned and I learned from others:

The first shot was the most painful one and getting over it took a long time. -me

No pain, no gain. -Ralph Basmayor

Mabuti pang i-prick ang sarili, alam ko kung kelan ako masasaktan. -Ma'am Marie

The unforgettable pain made me bleed. but i have to get through it. -Joie Sheen Bastian

Nasaan na ba ang crush ko? I need to see him para maraming blood na ma-pump out! -me again :P

Seriously, the first prick I made to myself was really the most painful. But the succeeding ones were not painful enough but still, pain was felt. And the rest of the pricks were nothing to me. Also, every time I used my ring finger as the source of blood, it bled the most amount of blood. So is it true than that the ring finger has a vein that is directly connected to the heart? Haha. I think so... :)

Finally, here's a song I'd like to offer to that one person out there:

July C.
UP Biology Student
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