miss independent

7.31.2010 @ 8:12 PM♥

Last Wednesday night, I came home around 11:30 in the evening already and mom was hysterical on why I haven't sent her a message about me coming home very late. Anyway, along with it, she told me that our housemaid was already thrown away and that starting the next day, I should start washing my own clothes. Well, she thought that it would take my great mood away, but it did not :D Being able to have no housemaid meant great news for me because I would finally learn on how to become independent :D :D :D Weeeeeee :) So I hurriedly went up to my room and took time to think over the schedule of my labada days :) So I slept soundly that night na coz I can't wait for the next day :D

The next morning, I woke up really late for my class so I had no time to fix my room and all other things. For the next 16 hours, I was too busy to care about everything else coz we were busily preparing for the freshmen night. The night ended around 12:30 am and we went home from school around 1 am already. When I got into my room, I was shocked to see that my room was CLEAN. ?.? Then, I figured, they got a new housemaid. Tsk3.

Anyway, so much for miss independent. Sa med school na lang siguro. hahaha :))

crossing lines

7.25.2010 @ 9:26 PM♥

Reminiscing on what happened on my first PSY101, I realized that there really is a border line between biologists and non-biologists. In one of the questions, it was asked in the examination to draw/illustrate the nervous system. So normally, as a biologist, I drew the brain (and its freakin' parts - ang dami kaya nun!!!) and then the peripheral areas. So I went out of the room, contented with what I did with the brain drawing and stuff when later on, I suddenly realized that I should have drawn the organization chart of the nervous system kay iyon iyong pinag-usapan namin sa class :| Haaaay. Ma'am A., if your question stated otherwise as "draw/illustrate the organization of the nervous system" I would have drawn the flowchart you gave us :| Pagka na lang, i-specify unta ang question kay out of the 16 students in class, naay isa ka 4th yr bio. kei? hahaha.

And one more thing, it was also asked in the exam to draw a neuron! Pagka na lang, sa tanang basic unit sa body, ang neuron jud ang wala'y klaro ang structure for me. Tas nakalimutan ko pa talaga ang basic parts - got confused with the dendrites and axon - hahahah. Kaulaw oi! Alangan, ako lang gud ang bio sa class then neuron lang, dili pa jud nako ma-draw ug tarong, pagka! tugsh. Anyway, I remembered some parts like node of ranvier and the nissle bodies, tas iyon man ang maalala ko na sure ako, so I wrote it down on my labels :P Pero ang tanong, alam kaya ni mam kung ano ang mga ito? basig maka-explain ko ug pinakalit ani.hahhah :)) But anyway, when I came home, I took the courage and energy to open my brother's psychology book and YEAH! I got the parts of the neurons right! :D

weeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

manila, next time ka na! :D

7.24.2010 @ 9:42 AM♥

Remember about the blogpost about my adviser telling me that I have to go to MSU-IIT in Iligan for the verification of my thesis study? It was suppose to happen but then, there were changes and she said that I have to go to Manila na lang, sa National Museum. Kei. I'm gonna die na talaga in 3-2-1. tugsh! X(

Anyway, I just learned about this Manila thing during the second or third week of June and it was a really big problem for me 'coz I don't know where in my fuckin' schedule that I should insert my trip to the Museum. F*ck! haha :))

Me: Ma'am, ano pala mangyayari kung di ko mapa-hard bound ang aking manuscript this sem?
Adviser: Hindi ko ma-dedeclare na October graduate.
Me: O_o *thinking twice* Haaay. sige na nga, pa-hard bound ko na dapat ngayong sem :|


Last Wednesday afternoon, I made a long distance call sa Zoology Department ng National Museum and told them about my plans, then the girl on the other line said na pwede naman sa BFAR na lang. So Friday morning, I called BFAR-NSAP, and said, "sige, dalahin mo lang ang mga samples mo dito, then i-identify natin..." WEEEEEEEEEE!!! PEDE MA-SUPER HAPPY?! HINDI NA AKO PUPUNTA NG MANILA!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Salamat Lord! :D Maka-focus na jud ko sa akong acads :D

Go thesis, dapat ma-hard bound ka na! :D

good girl

7.18.2010 @ 10:12 AM♥

I've been trying my best to become a good girl and I'm doing very well for about a month now. Yay! :) Basta remember, A-B-C-D-E! hahahaha :))

that's right B :)

9:19 AM♥

I suddenly realised that the way to get over you wasn’t by hooking up with some random guy, or pretending like we didn’t happen. You and i loved each other… and then you broke my heart. I’ve been doing everything possible not to face that fact. I’m going to kiss somebody someday, and when i do, it’ll be for me.

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl

adjust :)

7.07.2010 @ 9:28 AM♥

Finally, after a month of thinking and thinking and much more thinking, I am finally back on the road. Weeeeeeee :D I really had to adjust A LOT because I really have to focus on my studies (most especially it's my last semester in the University). But now, guess what?! I already finished fixing all that needs to be fixed and placed things in their proper places :) I hope things will run smoothly in the next few months. Please, please, please! PRETTY PLEASE! :D

Universe, please cooperate with me this time. Thank you! :)

21 things I did during my 21st bday :)

7.03.2010 @ 9:24 PM♥

1. Hindi Pumasok :) - I literally meant this! haha. Di kasi naniwala sa akin sila Sheng nung sinabi ko ito sa kanila and some others din, hahaha :) But seriously, I really did not plan to go to school. HOWEVER, since umulan ng pagka-lakas2x, hinatid ako ni papa sa school, so sa forum na lang ako nagpunta at nung mag-stop na ang rain, umalis na ako ng school.

2. Bought a gift for myself - Yay! :) Something to remember that day..weeeee :)

3. Dimsum Diner for Lunch - Yes. Kasi di ako pwedeng samahan nung isa diyan for lunch..tsk3. buti naman ate Honey was at Gmall din so siya kasama ko nag-lunch.

4. Orbitz - I really can't explain pero there's something in that stall kung bakit ako mahilig bumalik-balik dun. Yeah! haha :))

5. FRIENDSHIP - Prolly one of the best gifts the world could give to me :D Yey, wala nang away ha?heheh :)

6. Bonding with Agdao Friends - Yay. Kahit di kumpleto, nagpakita at nag-greet pa rin iyong iba. weeee :)

7. Potato Corner - I've been craving their fries for a time now. So I grabbed the opportunity to buy a big one and ate it :D

8. Cry - Both tears of Joy and tears of Sadness :D Sa tears of Joy, kelangan ko pa bang i-explain?hahah. Nakaka-iyak ang mga greetings ng ibang tao..hahaha :)) Sa tears of Sadness - kasi naman, may isa diyan, inaway ako sa eksaktong alas dose ng hating gabi :| pero sige lang, nabawi bitaw..hahaha

9. Surprised - Haha! BIO FRIENDS! Kamo na jud!!! Super thank you sa surprise at sa pag-invade ng bahay. Salamat din sa cake at candiessss.hahaha :)

10. Cleaned the House - Since nilagnat iyong katulong namin, ako tuloy ang pinahugas ng mga plato, baso, spoon and fork. Hay na lang :| Pero buti na lang at tinulungan ako ng kapatid ko. hahaha

11. Went to Church - of course, to Pray and Give Thanks :D weeee :)

12. Lola's Greeting - O_o pwede ma-shock sa FB?hahaha. it was my cousin pala..they made a facebook account for my late grand mother, tas gi-greet ako sa fb..hahaha. makatakot oi. haha. wala lang :) but i know, that somewhere out there, my lola wanted to greet me a happy birthday :D

13. Maraming nag-greet - It took me to say thank you to all those na nag-greet sa fb ng 1 and a half hours! And I was damn sleepy and tired. Pero sige lang, they made my day bitaw and it is just rightful to give thanks to them :)

14. THANK YOU - Yes, one and a half hour to say thank you to all of them. Weeee. THANKS :)

15. Nabasa sa Ulan - Ito ang tinatawag nilang, shower of blessings! hahaha

16. Rain - Every time birthday ko, I always wanted it to rain kasi I believe that went it rains, the heavens is showering you with lots of blessings. Pero owver iyong ulan ha, BAGYO na man ata iyon. Pero okay na okay na iyon, blessings din iyon! hehehe

17. Stars and Moon - and of course, the night sky was all great and wonderful that night. Though there were a few stars, the moon shone brightly naman. :)

18. Family - Yey. Complete kami :) and other relatives as well where here to greet me :) weeee :) And thanks to them, I had a small but meaningful dinner party :)

19. 2 Cakes - All throughout the day, I thought that I wouldn't have a cake kasi nga we planned a small dinner lang. Pero thanks kay Jopet (my cousin) and the bio pipz for the cakes they bought and gave to me. SALAMAT! Super :)

20. Blew 3 sets of candles - The two sets were from the 2 cakes. weeee :) the 3rd one kay dun sa san pedro church..haha :)) I bought 21 candles (kasi i really want to know the feeling ng mag-blow ng maraming candles! hahaha) lighted it and blew it, tas lighted it again.hahaha :)) buti na lang ako lang ang tao dun sa candle lighting area. hahahaha

21. Jap - After a couple of failed dates and promised, finally, nagkita na jud ta!!! hahaha :)) I really thought na di ka na makasibat from your classes but still, you made sure na magkita tayo. Haha :)) Salamat ng super duper Jap. You know why :)

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