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1.17.2011 @ 1:33 AM♥

This is probably one of my most memorable days of 2011:

You see, every Sunday, I usually hear the 5:30pm mass; and the distance from our house to the church is about 5 minutes only, so I usually walk. Yesterday (which was a Saturday), my mom and my two brothers heard the anticipated mass while I on the other hand was lost somewhere in downtown Davao. Therefore, today I had to go to mass alone.

So 5:20, I went out, looked up at the sky and concluded: di man siguro mag-ulan. So I did not bother to get back into the house and get an umbrella. Likewise, I also left my phone in my room because I would not use it while hearing the mass (coz it's improper and rude).

While the priest was finishing his homily, I had a feeling that it is starting to rain. Uh-OH! So I told myself, "mahina lang bitaw, mawala lang lagi yan." But NO! It poured harder and HARDER!!! And I told myself not to panic. Maybe, by the time the mass would end, the rain will be gone. But it DIDN'T.

When the mass ended at 6:30, about 75% of the people who heard the mass (including me), stayed in their seats. Meanwhile, I was walking around, looking at the church's exits, figuring out on how to get home. And I heard people talking, and there were only two reasons on why people can't go home: 1. they did not bring umbrella too and 2. they may have a brought a car, but still no umbrella, so they can't get their asses from the church to their cars. So yeah, we're all stuck inside the church.

6:45pm: I was hoping that the rain will stop by 7 pm. But it DIDN'T. It just got harder T_T
7:00pm: I searched for an empty bench, and tried to sit on it in the most comfortable way as possible. Still, the rain was still hard and I was feeling really sleepy.
7:10: They started a rosary, hoping for the rain to stop.
7:15: I couldn't remember what was I thinking but I started to look around. Then POOF! I saw a person who looks like my brother Pol! Then I stared harder and confirmed if it was really Pol. And it was HIM!!! Hurray!!! I stood up and went near him then he gave me an umbrella.

Me: Nag-motor ka?
Pol: Hindi, nag-drive.
Me: IKAW?!
Pol: Hindi, si Papa.

Anyway, I'm so thankful to the Lord for the help. Though I may not have brought my umbrella and my cellphone, my family was able to sense that I needed some rescuing from the hard rain! haha. Also, I'm so thankful to the Lord for letting me stay calm and worry-free during the whole time. Weeeee! And yes, I survived!



screencaps (batch 1)

1.16.2011 @ 8:51 PM♥

click the photos for larger view :D
screencaps are from the tv show private practice and the movie leap year :D

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