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8.18.2010 @ 9:34 AM♥

My PSY101 Professor once said that if you have a great understanding of a certain situation (e.g. its Pros and Cons), then it is most likely that you know how to decide really well for yourself and that temptations would not mislead when the time comes you have to face the diverging roads :)


8.15.2010 @ 8:37 PM♥

Apparently, this is the second time my PSY101 Professor gave me a "special assignment". WOW! In the first place, I thought PSY101 was supposed to be on behavioral studies of human beings and not entirely BIOLOGY base. At first, I had to talk about the human brain. It was kinda exciting though to share the things I know about the human brain, which I just learned in my House MD marathons. Hahahaha :))

When they talked about the Hormones, I decided to ditch my class because I was seriously damn sick during that time. Anyway, I'm not really an expert on hormones so I guess it was a good thing I wasn't there :D

And the second reporting was about PILLS, a.k.a. BIRTH CONTROL PILLS! When my Prof told me that the next meeting, I'll be talking about PILLS, I was seriously dumbfounded! HELLO!? Murag naga-promote ko ug safe pre-marital sex among my classmates! Waaaaa. Anyway, thanks to some person out there, you know who you are *wink wink* hahahha, I had a hinch of what I was going to present. Also, my Prof asked me to bring a picture of the male reproductive system because she lost hers :|

But I won't talk about pills, instead I'm gonna share something that I've discovered. It's called the Cervical Mucus Method, they say it is more effective than the Calendar Method because you don't have to have a regular menstruation period for you to employ this, but you just have to check your cervical mucus everyday, and below are the interpretation:

So girls (and probably, you should tell your boyfriend about this one too), if you are sexually active and you don't want to engage in early parenthood, read and memorize this BY HEART! hahaha :)) But of course, as an HIV Advocate, I would highly recommend that abstinence is the best way to avoid sexually transmitted infections :)


8:34 PM♥

We both know that you have the cash! Why are you being so kuripot with me?! I believe that I do deserve some of the things I ask from you. Haaay. Pero okay na rin, at least pumayag. HAHAHAHAHA =)) See, told yah! :P Now, I have some shopping to do :D Weeeeeee :)

Dear Little Thing.

8.03.2010 @ 10:44 PM♥

Yes, YOU, Little thing.

Thanks for stressing me out for the past four days. Though I can't sleep soundly tonight, at least tomorrow morning, I won't be too stressed out because of you.

Thank you!

Maybe soon, you'll stress me out once again, Little thing :)
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