ang LANCET *bow*

2.19.2010 @ 11:07 PM♥

the TRUTH is...

that I've always wanted to prick you since you told me na ayaw mong makakita ng blood na lumalabas from a person's skin..i thought you were just scared of the blood..i never thought na pati sa pag-prick, takot ka rin pala..haha :)) and it took me almost five minutes to finally prick you. haha. >:) eeeviwwL >:)

(all photo credits go to Neil Ramos -- at Congratulations sa LENTE! hahahaha )

background story: bat kasi nagpakita sa lobby at nag-benta2x nung sago-pancake-thingy-na-mahaba-ang-name.. hayun tuloy, na-drag sa zoo120 lab exhibit at napag-diskitahang magpa-blood test..haha. automatic patient ka na tuloy.haha :))

trial 1 - di pala na-charge ng maayos ang lancet.haha. :)) nabitin tuloy sa excitement.hahahah =))

trial 2: ready na jud! haha. THIS IS REALLY IS IT!!!

sakit jud kuya perv? aw. sori gud! >:)

yey! na-prick na! FINALLY!

for hematocrit...

naningkamot jud ko..ayaw ata lumabas ng shy siguro :))

oh? masakit pa?

hayan. back to his normal self na..haha. pose2x with attitude na ulet.hahahaha :))

so yes, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! hahahahahah =))

Sorry for hurting your finger O_o

manuscript days

2:08 AM♥

Finally, for the first time in months, I finally said the words, "pwede di na lang ako pumasok? GUSTO ko gumawa ng manuscript ko..."

Thesis sa umaga.
Thesis sa tanghali.
Thesis sa gabi.
Thesis na lang palagi.
Baka naman may mag-selos niyan?


I will always have time (for you) -- naks!

P.S.: Had a FUN night :D SUPER!!!

donuts :)

2.16.2010 @ 10:18 PM♥

Thanks for this :)
hvdkp lalalaLOVE :)

hey YOU read THIS :D

2.11.2010 @ 1:07 AM♥


1. Don’t think that just because you didn’t tell us we are never going to find out.

2. Our friends know EVERYTHING about us.

3. EVERYTHING said to our friends will be told to us. Guaranteed.

4. No matter what we say, we hate your ex-girlfriend.

5. We check our phones every hour to see if you have replied to our texts, then worry if you haven’t.

6. The fact you might leave us for another girl keeps us up at night. (nyahahaha! sapul!)

7. When we’re not talking to you on YM, we’re actually waiting for you to talk to us -- In a non-snobby way, we want to see if you still care enough to talk to us.

8. When we act sad, we want you to hug us. (awww. yesssss!)

9. Our favourite part of the YM convo is at the end when you say good bye, because that’s the part you say you love us. (hahahaha:)) yessss to that too!)

10. We actually freak out on what to do during holidays like Valentines Day. (hahaha! Lake Agco is the place to be this 2010 V-day! waaaaa! hinayupak na field trip, pandamay! tsk3.)

11. We don’t care what our friends think of you, but we do care what your friends think of us.

12. Yes, you might be the reason we failed that Math test.

13. We are very, very scared of scaring you away.

14. We don’t care about what we talk about, just as long as we have your attention for a few minutes.

15. Of course, we do believe the crap we read in magazines.

16. We have mood swings. Get over it.

17. We don’t want to hear how cool your ex-girlfriend/neighbour/best gal friend is.

18. Movies like ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ depress us. (di ko pa na-watch.haha. will you watch it with me???)

19. We will move mountains on our timetable IF IT MEANS SEEING YOU. (AGREEEEEE!!! hahahahaha)

20. We compare every other guy to you, and you always come out best.

21. We hate it when you go to discos/bars without us.

22. We hate the feeling as if we are like any other girl.

23. Don’t brag about other girls liking you, it just makes us insecure.

24. When we say everything is ‘fine’, it generally means everything is absolutely horrible and we are on the brink of falling to pieces.

25. Don’t just say ‘ok’ when we say we don’t want to talk about it. (unsa diay ang dapat nila i-ingon? wala pud ko kabalo :| )

26. If you want to know something about us, ask our best friend.

27. We think you are the best guy in the world.


29. We really do want you to stick up for us.

30. Compliments. We love them.

31. Be on time. We will think you don’t care if you’re not on time at a certain place.

32. We don’t care if you couldn’t come on that date because of the most embarrassing reason in the world, just don’t lie to us.

33. We like cuddling up to you so let us.

34. Silent Treatment + Short Answers + Not Smiling or Laughing + Evil Looks = YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG. (how do you do 'evil looks'? nyahhaha.)

35. You will be classed in our ‘Hate’ list if you forget our birthday. (oh my.mag-patay jud tang duha! hahahha)

36. Do not ask what’s wrong. We’ll never tell you, we just want you to cuddle us.

37. You need to tell us what you think of us, we don’t make assumptions

38. Telling us that we are pretty will mean absolute LOADS.

39. Do not make fun of us unless we are in a good mood. As insecure as girls go, we take these things very seriously.

40. If you do end up doing Number 39, you just have to hope we aren’t in a bad mood.

41. Saying something sweet MIGHT get you off the hook. Doing something sweet will ALWAYS get you off the hook. — DON’T SAY IT, DO IT!!! (OO!!! as in! haha)

42. We never forget things. Ever. (dili gud. makalimutin gud talaga ako minsan, PROMISE!)

43. We over-analyze everything. (i don't ui. i'd like to keep it simple.)

44. We over-react to everything. (OA ka na! di nga ako naga-over2x ng mga bagay!)

45. When we are mad at you, we aren’t actually mad at you we just want you to apologize so we can start showing we like you again.

46. Please don’t stand 384931491329403 feet away from us. Even if we are scary.

47. Please acknowledge that when we are online when you sign in, we probably have waited ages for you to come online so please make it worthwhile.

48. We do not care if 50,000 other guys declared their love for us if you never do it none of it matters.

49. We don’t like being used.

50. We like it when you do unexpected nice things. :D :D :D

51. We usually don’t let just any guy make us cry, so if you make us cry, damnnn you must have done something bad.

52. We like it when you are protective of us. It makes us feel special. (super!!!)

53. Unless she is a moronic idiot, a girl who truly loves you will love you for a long, long time.

54. When we come back from a holiday and brag about how awesome it was, during the entire time there we were probably thinking about you. A lot. (and during those 'awesome' times, i was probably wishing you were there with me.)

55. And please for the love of God shut up about how sexy & fit other girls are. You know we like you and the fact you do this despite you knowing how we feel is just evil.

haha! nakita ko lang kasi sa fb.. now i have to go back and do those powerpoints for tomorrow's presentationssssss... nyt2x :D

i vow thee

2.07.2010 @ 6:50 PM♥

You can bet on this: FEBRUARY 6, 2010 has been so far the CRAZIEST DAY ever invented on the year 2010!!! LOL. :P

It started when I woke up around 8:30 am then I felt hungry so I ate breakfast. Then I went back into my room, stay numb for a couple of minutes. By somewhere almost 10, I decided to play lots of music while having my headphones on. So for an hour, it was all, LA LA LA LA LA!

It was almost eleven o'clock so I checked my phone. "No space for new messages." WHAT THE!? Okay, so. PANIC! haha :D So I had to be at SM during that moment and I still haven't taken a bath. So hayun, naay nag-panic while taking a bath.

Around 12 noon, I went out of the house. I called an HH driver for a ride going to bangkal. (tas na-amaze ko kadali kay neon green na shiny2x ang iyahang HH.haha). A few meters pa lang, he stopped and shouted ROY!!! XET KUYA! NABUNGOL KO ATO BA! He dropped me off and asked me to transfer to a new HH. Unya, ngano gipasakay pa ko nimo?! Haaaai. Sige lang. Forgivable. Maski late na ko! Ugh.

Next: Sa jeep going to SM. It was quite masikip so I wasn't able to sit properly and fully. And I was bored so I looked down to my feet. When I looked to the person-beside-me's feet, it had SIX TOES!!! KA-COOL! Like, pwede picturan?! Hahahaha =)) Pero obvious man kaayo ko, so never mind :P

Next: Matina Crossing, a girl said para to the jeepney driver and handed down to the conductor a one hundred-peso bill. Nagyawyaw si kuya kay ngano karon lang daw!!! Then sabi ni ate, "sorry gud, nanglisod ko diri, kakita ka na naa koy dalang bata." Then the kuya conductor made everything worse by not helping the lady assist her kid down the vehicle then ni-siyagit pa jud! Pagka! Na-irita jud ang nerves ni ate! Nag-siyagitanay hinuon sila sa Highway. Haha :)) Then, kuya konduktor made paatik pa na wala siyang coins, so he tried to reach a metal "coin" container under the seats, kay naa daw iyahang extra coins didto. Then pag-open, wala man to'y sulod! hahahaha =)) Kasi naman kuya, kung magpapalusot ka, ayus-ayusin mo :P Pero wala gihapon si Ate, sige pa rin siya sigaw ng "BULLSHIT" sa manong conductor. So hayun, eksena kaayo! Haha :))

Next: upon arriving at SM. Guess who ang sumalubong sa akin?! ANG MASCOT NG PIZZA HUT! Salamat ha! hahahaha :))

Next: Neil and I were looking for Sir Jong somewhere. And when we found him, he doesn't want us to come near him because he looked Mintal-ish daw. :| He bought a polo shirt but accidentally broke one of the buttons. So he went around the mall to buy a sewing kit and later, we found ourselves looking at him sewing back that one single button he broke. hahahahaha =))

Last: Sa jeep pauwi. So after the mall (G-mall), Neil and I went to get a jeep to NCCC Mall. Jong was left in the mall because he has to buy slippers pa raw. So there, sa jeep, Neil sat behind the driver and beside him was a girl in her nursing uniform and she was with her boyfriend most probably. I on the other hand, sat in front of the nursing girl. When we reached Ateneo Jacinto area, I heard a sob from the girl. I looked at her and I saw that she was crying and the guy beside her wasn't comforting her. I didn't know if Neil noticed it too so I sent him a message instead (kay alangan mag-storyahanay mi didto sa jeep, duh?!) asking if umiiyak ba iyong girl. Then Neil said, oo daw. haha. EKSENA KAAYO SILA! hahaha =)) Nakikipag-break ata iyong guy sa girl (based on our observations). The girl seated on my left and I looked at each other knowing that we had the same reaction towards the couple. Also, sabi ni Neil, he heard the girl saying, "wag na lang pls..." but most of the parts, he couldn't understand because the girl had a handkerchief on her mouth. Naa pa jud super bonus: ang kanta sa jeep, ALL OUT OF LOVE! XET! Manong driver, ikaw na jud! hahahaha =)) Then later on, I saw that the guy na naman iyong naga-cry T_T. Hay na lang jud, kung baga ko ug nawong, gi-kasuk-an na nako ang lalake kung ngano niya gipahilak ang babae. Tsk3. Sassy girl much? Hahaha =))

Anyway, so that ends my day. Funny and crazy jud xa. Hope I have more days na ganito ka-crazy so that at the end of the day, I have something to laugh about. Nyahahahaha =))

more questions :)

8:42 AM♥

1. Last beverage: Zesto Lemon Twist sponsored by Joie
2. Last phone call: Albert O. through Dee's phone number
3. Last text message: Angelica L.
4. Last song you listened to: Live Like We're Dying by Kris Allen (and that reminds me, he's in CEBU RIGHT NOW!!! T_T)
5. Last time you cried: the other other night..and the other other other night too. haha :)) but it was all out of happiness. may na-figure out kse akong very simple medical mystery.nyahaha:)) na-feel ko bigla na may potential akong maging dr. house! hahaha =)) ang babaw!!!

1. Dated someone twice: yes.
2. Been cheated on: nope (hopefully) haha :))
3. Kissed someone & regretted it?: nope
4. Lost someone special: yes. through death T_T
5. Been depressed: of course!
6. Been drunk and threw up: nope. me is a good girl :)

1. green
2. blue
3. black
4. white

1. Made new friends: of course. i just don't remember them after a couple of days.haha.
2. Fallen out of love: yes :P
3. Laughed until you cried: oo. just recently. but i forgot what we were laughing about though O_o
4. Met someone who changed you: i don't know. i guess, oo! haha. but in a good way man :D
5. Found out who your true friends were: OO! :D
6. Found out someone was talking about you: hindi lang "found out", heard it myself pa! haha:))
7. Kissed anyone on your friend’s list? yes.haha
8. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: most of them.haha:)) i don't accept friend requests sa mga taong i don't personally know. (aw. yabang much?haha)
9. How many kids do you want to have: 2 or 3? tas kung pede sana, may twins :D
10. Do you have any pets: yes. 2 dogs. and hopefully, 4 baby mice (if none of them would die na)
11. Do you want to change your name: no. JULY is great :D
12. What did you do for your last birthday: had dinner with few people who are close to me :D
13. What time did you wake up today: around 7 in the morning :D
14. What were you doing at midnight last night: knock out! SUPER! haha:)) ikaw ba naman may 1 MAJOR exam, 2 lab reports, and 1 reporting in TWO FREAKIN' DAYS! Sinong hindi ma-dededz nyan?haha :))
15. Name something you CANNOT wait for: bukas! CHAR! haha:)) i cannot wait for my manuscript defense to end! haha.
16. Last time you saw your father: kanina. he asked me kung hindi ba ako hinabol ng aso.haha.
17. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: i wish i was more disciplined. haha:)) dili na ko ganahan mag-cram :((
18. What are you listening to right now: wala. i'm trying to buffer something.haha
19. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: oo, iyong taong sikat sa MySpace.
23. What’s getting on your nerves right now? lots of sodium ions. opening the calcium gates and releasing lots of potassium for neuromuscular junction! haha (oha, oha! physiology jud daw ang akong answer! haha:)) un din kasi talaga ang unang pumasok sa utak ko.haha)
24. Most visited web page: facebook. and google :P

1. What’s your name: mahaba man.haha.
2. Nicknames: July, Danielle, Lai :D
3. Relationship Status: aw. SINGLE but my heart is TAKEN! nyahahhaahah :P banat jud! haha.
4. Zodiac sign: cancer baby! yeah! \m/
5. Male or female: XX
6. Elementary school: Ateneo de Davao University - Grade School Unit
7. High School: Ateneo de Davao University - High School Unit
8. Height: 5'2" :|
10. Hair color: brown (pag masilawan ng araw :P)
11. good at: sleeping (the most and only effective thing I could do)
16. bad at: pretending to be awake.hahahha =)) jowk lang :P
17. What do you like about yourself? I can hide 'sadness' daw :P
18: What don’t you like about yourself? I can't hide anger..lagoT :(
19. Piercings: a pair
20. Tattoos: none.
21. Righty or lefty: Righty :)

22. First fight: ewan. di ko na maalala.
23. First embarrassment: neither this one.hehe.
24. First best friend: si teng2x. :)
26. First kiss: ayay ka :|
27. First pet: dog :)
28. First vacation: O_o ewan :|
29. First crush: si J. Santamaria (haha) tas gi-search ko xa sa facebook. then "santamarina" pala.haha:))
30. First boyfriend: pede dili storyahan ang mga ingani na topic?haha:))
31. First date: 3rd year high school! promise! nag-freak out jud ko ato.haha:)) wala ko kabalo unsa ang buhaton.haha :))
32. First break-up: sabi ngang ayokong pag-usapan.haha :))
33. First night out: iyong super totoo?haha :)) college na siguro.haha
34. First record/album that you bought: solid harmony!haha =)) grade 2 ata ako nun..casette tape pa iyon.haha :))
35. First concert: orange and lemons.hah

36. Religion: catholic
37. Politics: malapit na ang election.haha
38. Porn: video.haha.
39. Hair: magulo
40. Emo: walang emo, BITTER lang :P
41. Song: happy songs.haha:))
42. Band: wala. :P

43. Asked someone out on prom? nope.
44. Tried smoking? hindi rin :) i love my lungs and heart :D
45. Tried drugs/marijuana, etc.? never!
46. Passed out because of too much alcohol? nope :)
47. Drunk and drove? nope. maybe will try soon! haha. JOKE LANG FATHER DEAR! :D
48. Made out with a complete stranger? no and never!
49. Gone stargazing with someone special? the last time was nung overnight cheerdance practice with some of my biofriends :D
50. Had a candle light dinner date? nope. but i'd love to

51. Who was the last person you saw? my dad.haha. before i got into my room :)
52. Who was the last person you hugged? SI! SI! SI ANO! SI! haha =)) HFMKP! :D
53. Who did you last yell at? ewan.haha =)) si George?haha. ayaw niya kse ibalik ung zesto lemon twist ko :D
54. Who was the last person you held hands with? HAHAHA! SI ANO! SI ANO! SI ANO ULIT! HAHAH =)) HFMKP! :D
55. Who was the last person you kissed? ayay.beso siguro but i can't remember who :|

56. Graduating soon? DAPAT! haha =)) lecheng bio140 :|
57. Age you'll want to marry: will graduate by 21.. 4 yrs of med, that's 25.. hmmm.. so hopefully, after that :D
58. Want kids? yes, but not know :P
59. Want to get married? married na ui. char! haha =))
60. Careers in mind? DOCTOR! yeah! \m/

asan ang 61-67?

68. Lips or eyes: xet. EYES! para kahit titig lang, ULAM NA! nyahahahaha =))
69. Hugs or kisses: hugs! :D then KISS :P
70. Shorter or taller: taller ui.haha :))
71. Older or Younger: either will do pero dili pud ang over kaayo.haha.
72. Passive or agressive: aggressive, para RAWR!!!
73. Personality or looks: personality. tas super bonus si looks :D
74. Quiet or loud: can be best at both :D
75. Hook-up or relationship: relationship ui.
77. Trouble maker or hesitant: trouble maker! haha =)) para enjoy! :D

78. Kissed a stranger: no
79. Drank hard liquor: yes! i-regards ko sa 40% na na-tekwat ni yuri!
80. Lost glasses/contacts: glasses, yes!
81. Told a big lie…or joke: yes!
82. Broken someone’s heart: yes :(
83. Had your own heart broken: yes :((
85. Been arrested: nope
86. Turned someone down: YES! :D haha.
87. Cried when someone died: yes T_T
88. Liked a friend that is a boy? oo :D

89. Yourself: oo naman.
90. Miracles: are possibilities, so yes!
92. Hell: no.
93. Santa Clause: no! haha:))
95. Kiss on the first date? nope
96. Angels: YES :D


97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? yes. SI ANO! SI! SI! haha =))
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? nope :D
99. Have backstabbed and regretted it? noon, oo! but now, hindi na.haha =)) i don't backstab, I just share my own views :D
100. Liked someone you wish you didn't: YES!!! haha =))

the who?

2.06.2010 @ 11:08 AM♥

I found this out last Tuesday afternoon while having our PI100 class:

ma-klaro niyo?

Who the hell writes my name on a chair? haha :D ayiheeee!
pero bitaw :| (or basig obsess lang xa sa month na "July"???)

cold *brrrr*

2.04.2010 @ 3:51 AM♥

I now know why in the past few months, I stopped waking up very early in the morning either to study or finish a paper/lab report. Wanna know why? IT'S FREAKIN' COLD! Temperature check: It's 23 degrees celsius outside! Mas malamig pa sa aircon!!!

Current activity:
- just finished doing WLDL101 Birds Powerpoint Report
- will do one-page summary in a while (after I get a jacket coz I'm really shivering na - at nagawa ko pang mag-blog.haha)
- will finish zoo120 lab report :D

tagam :P

2.03.2010 @ 11:46 AM♥

Sukol? hahaha :D

Talking about suitors, the best line I've ever heard so far was:

Boy: Say yes to me now then I'll court you forever :D

longest two weeks ever!

2.02.2010 @ 7:54 PM♥

I'm sensing that this month, February, will be the most killing moment of my life. It's suppose to be love and romance month but what the hell? murag dili palabot ani ang acads! xet! In the next ten days, I will be having two long examinations (so far), four class reportings, two thesis days and 1 partial manuscript defense. After all these, I have to start writing my manuscript because I plan to have my real manuscript defense on the third week of February!

Aside from these nerve-wracking activities, naa pa jud nagpa-dungag sa akong AGONY. Say hello to my diet which doesn't involve real solid foods for a week or so. In short, di na nga ako maka-tulog sa sobrang dami ng gagawin, di pa ako makakain ng tama. So Mom, prepare me a hundred-tablet jar of Iron supplement! I don't want to be rushed into the hospital because of some anemia-related disease :P

Anyway, I have to do this. I have no choice but to face all of these or else, consequences would be worse. I know I'm not alone (marami kami! nyahahaha) and they say that medical school is something like this. So if I really want to go to medical school, dapat sa ganitong situations pa lang, I'm not giving up na. I know I can do this. Ako pa?! I was born to be wild! Nyahahaha :)) But seriously, I have to do this. I MUST DO THIS!


heaven or hell?

2.01.2010 @ 5:42 PM♥

- BIO120 Cellular Respiration Lab Report
- BIO120 Lecture 2nd Long Exam
- ZOO120 Lab Reportssssss
- MCB150 Media Prep and material prep for fieldtrip
- Thesis Round 2

All these are gonna happen between February 2-4, 2010!!!

I know that this week is gonna be hell but I know that somewhere in between, it's gonna feel like heaven :D

Anyway, it's February. Let's celebrate life and most especially, let's celebrate LOVE. Tama na iyang emo2x diyan.haha :))

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