Project Medschool Ver 1

5.30.2011 @ 12:02 AM♥

I got this crazy little idea of creating a day-to-day blog of my life as a medical student. And to avoid clutter too, I decided to create a new blog site for this. You may click here to view the page.

I'll be updating it as soon as possible. So, just wait :)

Thank you! :D

reh-mee-nees da meh-moh-rees

5.18.2011 @ 1:48 AM♥

Last night, I wasn't able to finish watching the prom episode of glee because boyfriend called in to tell me that the reason why he called is because I MISS HIM :| bu, ikaw na jud!hahahah =))

True. I do miss him. I was thinking of calling him pero baka kasi maka-distorbo ako. Actually, prior to him calling him, I was looking at his half naked (half nga lang ba?) profile picture in fb, and I was thinking on what to write, then continued thinking more about him, then POOF! Biglang nag-text!hahaha :)) But then, he called :D

We talked for more than an hour. And we reminisced A LOT of things. We thought about the stupid things we did when we were still in our freshmen year. He was able to remember a lot, but my memory seemed to be selective, so I couldn't completely remember all of them!haha. sorae :P

- we used to talk over the phone (landline) for hours! it would start somewhere 10 or 11 in the evening, and end at 1 or 2 OR 3 in the morning.. then we'd play the 21 questions game (which wasn't really limited to 21 questions only) with rules no asking back the same question, no pass, no follow-ups, no yes/no questions :) Honestly, I couldn't anymore remember the questions I asked him in those many nights. But I did learn a lot about him during those moments :)

- we had our little fights. di ko alam kung ano na ang pinag-awayan namin but it ended up that both of us didn't talk for days!haha. di ko na rin alam kung paano kami nag-bati!hahaha.

- on our 100th day together, binigyan ko siya ng list, 100 things I like about him (?) R, FORGIVE ME FOR I THINK I HAVE FORGOTTEN kung iyon ba iyong title! haha. But it was something like that :) I had to start writing it as early as a few days before kasi ang haba kaya nun!hahaha

- nung nagutom ako one time, sinampal ko siya. ewan! don't ask me why, but out-of-the-blue, sinampal ko siya!haha. peace offering? i had to give him a six-petal santan! hahaha. hindi ko alam kung isa lang or baka tatlo?kasi i remembered I had a hard time looking for it! hahaha.

- gusto niyo ikwento ko iyong aming first kiss?nyahahah. AYAW NA! SECRET NA NAMIN IYON!haha. but yeah, he was my first kiss :D

- the first time I remembered talking to him was when he asked me kung ano ba raw ang answer ko sa math na quiz! haha. iyong hinayupak na quiz na pagka-haba2x ng solution tas ang answer kay 1! buwiset! haha. But he claims na ang first conversation daw namin was nung tinanong niya ako kung may malong ba daw ako..haha. I somehow remember someone asked me about the malong, but i couldn't recall well if it was him or not! haha

- At night, after we eat dinner, kahit hindi pa kami, we'd always have this little walk dun sa road sa harap ng dorm. and we'd talk about anything. so yeah, we love to talk and talk and talk a lot! haha =))


Wala lungs, nasiyahan lang akong mag-reminisce ulet. Haha :P Soon, our relatinship will be put to a BIG TEST, ang LDR. But i'll create a separate blog for that :)

It's 2:42am na. I'm gonna put myself to sleep! hahaha. Gudnyt :)
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